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Flower Pot Update

Good Morning!

Last spring I was all about makeovers and updating my brown patio furniture {yuck!} with a fresh coat of spray paint. {You can see those projects here and here.}

A year {and long snowy-winter} later the furniture still looks like we spray-painted it yesterday. Not a bad problem unless you have a big spray-painting itch like I do. As luck would have it I managed to find something to update…our old flower pots!

Flower Pot Update

Flower Pot Update Before

Now these guys needed a little extra TLC…don’t you agree?

Last year I attached fabric to these pots with Mod Podge. They were super cute! But, fabric fades and doesn’t last forever, especially when it’s outside in the heat and humidity all summer long. No worries on my end though…I’d rather do a little something different year to year anyways.

Here’s how I updated their look…

Flower Pot Update How-to


1. I removed the fabric and used sandpaper to smooth out the rough edges. Obviously, you can skip this step if your pot is already smooth.

2. Next, I covered the outer edge of the flower pot with frog tape, and spray-painted the rest of the pot. I let this dry for a few hours {only because I had a few errands to run!}, but I think the longer you let the paint dry the better, especially if you are adding tape to spray-paint again.

3. After the bottom layer of the flower pot was dry I taped that off so I could spray-paint the outer edge and let dry.

{Side note: I was planning on painting the saucers one color, but when I flipped the seaside saucer over I liked the two-tone look…so I spray-painted the navy saucers white on the inside too. Go with what works best for you!}

Flower Pot Update

Then you are free to put some life into your new flower pots!

Flower Pot Update

I’m loving this fresh look and know these pretty colors will stay nice and bright all summer long!

Flower Pot Update

So what have you got lying around that could use a fresh coat of spray-paint for an update this summer?

Memorial Day weekend is the perfect time for an easy outdoor project!

Have a great weekend!

Spray-Paintingly Yours 😉


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