Red, White, and Style

Like many people this time of the year, I’m getting ready to leave for a much needed vacay. Thank goodness I have the help of some fab interns to keep things moving along while I literally run around like a mad woman preparing for my trip. Please help me welcome back Alex!

For me, Fourth of July is my favorite holiday of the year. The combination of sun (fingers crossed Indiana actually has some for a change), fireworks, cookouts, country music, and friends are all what contributes to the perfect day.

While I find the day to be full of excitement, I cringe seeing cookie cutter outfits like American flags being screen printed onto a t-shirt. Why not go explore your wardrobe and have some fun with your outfit! Who knew you can be patriotic and stylish without breaking the bank?!

I pulled out three outfits that I think are perfect for the Fourth while still being on trend. All of the pieces shown below were already in my closet, which let me avoid the headache of going to the mall (hallelujah!) and spending money. I pulled together a casual/easy going, a semi-casual, and fancy-ish (emphasis on the –ish!) outfits to inspire you for this upcoming holiday :)

Tomboy Meets Girly Girl

4th of July Outfit Inspiration (more…)

A Shabby Chic Baby Shower

If someone asked me to pick my favorite party theme 9 times out of 10 it would easily be something shabby chic. I’m not sure if it’s the mason jars, twine, baby’s breath or the fact that I grew up living in the country that sways my decision…but I absolutely love it!

Earlier this month we threw a shabby chic baby shower for my best friend who is having a little girl in August. There’s just something about pink and burlap that goes so well together…but I’ll let you be the judge of that 😉

Shabby Chic Baby Shower


Garage Sale Find Turned Chic Accent Table

This past weekend we held our annual garage sale at the Purple Palace. Our sale items generally consist of clothes, shoes, random pieces that I finally decide to part with {yes, I tend to be a hoarder with some things} and a few odds and ends my family wants to contribute and sell.

I was thrilled when my aunt brought over an accent table that simply needed a little extra TLC. This item {and a few others} didn’t last long at the garage sale, as I happily carted it in to add to my hoarder’s  stash.

And so begins the makeover for the garage sale accent table!

Accent Table Makeover Header (more…)


Last week I introduced you to one of my summer interns, Alex. And today you get to meet my other intern, Brenna! I’m so glad to have both of them on board with me this summer :)

Now here are a few ideas Brenna found for hosting the perfect backyard bash this summer…

I love everything about summer, especially throwing [+ attending] outdoor parties! Not only are the days and nights warm, but there is something about being outdoors that makes entertaining feel a lot more fun + less stuffy. Everything is more laid-back, cheerful and casual. Honestly, how can you not have a fun time under those conditions?

Take your next summer party outside with these DIY tips on perfecting everything from your backyard decor to the food and drink.

Backyard Summer DIY Tips (more…)

Suns Out, Fronds Out

Blogging can get kind of hectic at times. From the projects, to the social media, to the photography, to the editing and then scheduling all of the content…it’s enough to make anyone’s head spin {mine especially!}. This summer I’m thrilled to have a little help from some very talented college students. They’ll be stopping by from time-to-time to share a few things with you too.

With that being said, today I’d like to introduce you to Alex, and a very popular Summer trend we both love! Take it away Alex…

Summer is the best time of year because it’s all about… prints!

As I was walking through different stores at the mall, I couldn’t help but notice palm fronds are this season’s hottest trend. Move over Hawaiian shirts, there’s a new boss in town!

Regardless of gender, you can find a vast array of fashion items with the palm frond print. From bathing suits to dresses, it’s impossible to think this trend isn’t popular. I even noticed­ the men’s section to be sporting the print!

This fun design gives your closet just a slight pop of color and fun and goes against the cliché prints of polka dots and stripes. Adding a piece to your outfit is a sure way to spruce up your look and make people take notice of you. Perfect for summer!

Palm Frond Summer Trend Final


Smoked Salmon Appetizer Bites

Every year when summer finally rolls around I really get into seafood. Don’t get me wrong…I love seafood all year long, but there’s something about warm weather that enhances my desire to eat more of it.

In an effort to come up with new seafood recipes, I just so happened to strike up a conversation with the butcher at the grocery store one day about what to make with smoked salmon. {For the record when you are in sales you tend to be able to have a conversation about anything with anyone.} He suggested pairing it with some gouda cheese, then I decided to get creative and add a few touches of my own.

Smoked Salmon Appetizer Bites


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