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Fabulous Finds: Bedroom Furniture

I have to admit I never thought I would enjoy going to antique stores or garage sales. Looking through other people’s junk while growing up had no appeal to me whatsoever. Then I became an adult, and started paying my own bills. Like magic, all of the sudden other people’s junk (at much cheaper prices) became very appealing! And to think that I could add some new paint, or fabric to a piece making it my own…why didn’t I realize this before!? This took my love of crafting and shopping to a whole new level.

My bedroom is one of my favorite rooms, and that is because some of my best antique store/garage sale finds are located there. It brings a smile to my face remembering how excited I was when I found these pieces, and then gushing over how perfect they were with my mom, over and over again. Ah, memories!

I wish I had before and after pictures of these fabulous finds to show you. At the time, I didn’t know they would be very important to have for my future blog. Regardless, they are still fun to share.

Fabulous Finds Headboard

This baby was the HARDEST to find! I found one I loved on Craigslist, but it was close to $300 and about a three hour drive from where I live. Not exactly a wise investment when you consider adding the gas to get there and back, and having to hitch up my dad’s trailer to go get it. Let’s just say he’s not as into our antiquing adventures. I decided I’d leave that as my back up option. Then as luck would have it the perfect headboard surfaced in a local antique store, and it was on sale!!! I very rarely find anything on sale in antique stores. It was meant to be my headboard! It was a light brown color, so we painted it white. Isn’t it beautiful!?

Fabulous Finds Dresser

I’m the type of person that can visualize exactly what I want when it comes to decorating. This can be a good and bad thing. I knew I needed a medium sized dresser, but of course could never find it. Then one afternoon I randomly went in a local antique store (that I never go into by the way) and there sat this gem! It was a hideous green color. They told me a designer had just painted it that way. To each their own! Being the nice person that I am, I pretended to like it but knew I was painting it white ASAP! I also added some new drawer knobs found at Hobby Lobby. The perfect dresser for my bedroom!

Fabulous Finds Chair

I could stare at this chair all day long. I LOVE it! My mom and I got up super early one Thursday morning and headed to a local retirement home garage sale. If they have any sales like this in your town you MUST go. I still get excited thinking about all of the great pieces we found that day! This chair was brown, had a red cushion and little gold wheels. Yuck! It was a sewing chair. I grabbed it! (Note: you have to grab things quickly at these types of sales!) I knew this would be the perfect size for my bedroom. Not too big, or too small, just right! We found some fabric at Joann’s, and my mom and dad actually reupholstered this for me. This was the first time they have reupholstered anything. I’m starting to think they must have been famous furniture designers in their previous lives. Everyone loves this chair when they see it!

What have you found at a garage sale that makes you smile from ear to ear?

I hope you have enjoyed my Fabulous Finds! Now, I’m off to lay on my bed and stare at them some more! 🙂

Have a great day!

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