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Vacay Recap

You may have noticed it’s been a little quiet around here lately. Last week, I was in Ocean Isle, NC for a much needed vacation. And this week…well usually when I go on vacay it takes me about another week to recover from it!

While I work on getting back in to the swing of things I thought I’d share a few highlights from my trip with you today…

Vacay Recap

Just two eager girls up super early waiting on their chauffer {aka parents} to pick them up.

And after a short hour and a half flight later we made it to the beach…

Vacay Recap

One of my favorite things about Ocean Isle is that it’s not very commercialized.

Lots of local restaurants, shops and awesome beach houses.

I also enjoy walking the beach searching for sea shells…

 Vacay Recap

…washed up jellyfish and/or crabs that I can poke with a stick. Does anyone else enjoy doing this to see if they move, or is it just me??

Vacay Recap

In the past we have even been entertained by dolphins swimming in a pod {which is the technical term for a pack of dolphins…who knew!?}. But this year…it was a little different.

In case you haven’t heard there have been about 7 shark attacks along the Carolina Coast this summer. One afternoon my sister and I were taking a casual stroll on the beach when she noticed something black sticking above the water about 200 yards out from the beach.

Vacay Recap

{Note: The Shark was too far away to get an actual picture of it (and I didn’t have my camera to zoom in), but it sure looked something like this.}

Was it really a shark…who knows.

But, as you can see below {note the people under the arrows} we weren’t the only ones wondering if we saw what we think we just saw.

Vacay Recap

It made for an extremely exciting afternoon on the beach. Half the fun was watching everyone else look at it too! The fin lingered around for about an hour…which is another reason why I think it was a shark 😉

For. Sure.

Moving on…

One of my favorite things to do on vacay is to go shopping!

Vacay Recap

We’ll do whatever it takes to shop…even if that means cramming 4 people in to the back of a rental car for a 45 minute drive to the outlet mall.

We ate a lot of yummy seafood at some local restaurants…

Vacay Recap

Sorry no pics of the food this year…I guess I was too busy taking pics of people for a change.

While eating at this seafood restaurant on our last night I’m pretty sure we survived a mini hurricane.

Vacay Recap

That fog you see outside is rain being blown about 100mph {or something like that} by the wind.

The many expressions on my mother’s face about this mini hurricane say it all…

Vacay Recap

Someone was scarred! {I promise these pics are not staged.}

Yes, my mom is a goofball…and I love her for it!

And here’s a few random pics just for fun…

Vacay Recap

My pretty Sissy…

Vacay Recap

My beach essentails…

Vacay Recap

And my mom and her friend Connie in matching beach hats.

All in all the weather was gorgeous, the company was a lot of fun and the seafood was fantastic!

Perfect vacay in my book 🙂

You can see my 2014 trip to Ocean Isle here, here and here.

Have a great day!


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