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Fall Fashion Essential: Buffalo Plaid

Wearing Buffalo Plaid for Fall | The Blue Eyed DoveJust when we thought it was never going to feel like late fall here in Indiana November finally showed it’s true colors and…it’s cold! Staying {and dressing} warm is an essential now, and one of the best ways to keep warm in my opinion is by wearing a buffalo plaid scarf. There’s something about the red and black colors that scream late fall warmth to me 😉


Last-Minute DIY Snow Woman Costume

Last Minute DIY Snow Woman Costume |

Truth be told I’m a little bit of a procrastinator. But instead of viewing this as a negative trait, I prefer to think of it in a positive way meaning I work really, really well under pressure or when I have a deadline to meet. So if you’re anything like me and make your Halloween costume the week {or night} before this easy Snow Woman costume might be right up your alley!


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