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DIY Bridal Chair Tutorial

DIY Bridal Chair |

Now that you have seen part one and two of the colorful nautical-inspired bridal shower I wanted to show you how we created one of my fave pieces from the party…the bridal chair!

And the best thing about this pretty DIY project is that it was super easy.


2 yards of White Tulle

White Thread

White Feather Boa


Sewing Machine {or you can hand stitch}

Bridal Chair Instructions |


1. Fold the tulle in half and stitch a line across the entire top length of the tulle {at the fold about an inch down} using the widest stitch of the sewing machine. This will allow you to pull and work the thread from the end into a nice gather.

2. Next, pull the thread lightly to gather the tulle and form the veil.

3. Then line the tulle up against the back of the chair and tape the veil to the sides. {Note: A light, clear hefty-duty tape will work fine here. Also, be sure to remove the tape carefully if you are renting the chairs.}

4. Lastly, wrap the boa around the chair and tie it in the back {again carefully}. Once tied you can fluff the feathers.

That’s it!

DIY Bridal Chair Tutorial |

What’s better than one DIY bridal chair!?

Two DIY Bridal Chairs 🙂

Because this project we so easy we had to make two of them.

Bridal Chair Tutorial | The Blue Eyed Dove

And the bride-to-be loved them!

A DIY Bridal Chair Tutorial | The Blue Eyed Dove

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