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Tips for Writing & Presenting a MOH Speech

Over the years I have had the privilege of being Maid of Honor five times. {Yes, you read that right five times.} Along the way I’d like to think that I’ve picked up a tip or two on how to write, and present a killer speech. One with just enough sentiment, laughter and of course well wishes for the bride and groom. If you find yourself fitting into the majority of MOH’s that are terrified about putting a speech together, or are just clueless on where to start…this post is for you!

1. Write it Out…Completely!

The most important thing to remember about this speech is to speak from your heart. But, this does not mean memorizing your speech! I suppose you can if you want to, but who really has time for that? And what if you crack under pressure and forget everything you wanted to say…not cool! Take the time to write it out…completely. This allows you to gather and organize your thoughts in the most affective way.

Tips for Writing & Presentating A Really Good Maid of Honor Speech |

Then practice reading it out loud completely a few times too! You’ll easily notice where some tweaks need to be made. When it’s time to present you can take it with you but…

2. Don’t “Read” Your Speech

If I’ve completely confused you bare with me. Although, it’s perfectly acceptable to bring your speech with you please refrain from reading it directly from your notes. If it helps to make bullet points do it! Nothing kills the interaction with your audience more than looking down at your notes for an extended period of time. Glances…perfect and necessary!

Treat this speech like any other presentation and make eye contact with your audience {or at least look up and act like you’re looking at people!}.

Scan that crowd and work the room!

Tips for Writing & Presentating A Really Good Maid of Honor Speech |

3. Holding the Microphone

I’ve never met a microphone I didn’t like and often joke with people that if one reaches my hands good luck getting it back! I know… I’m a rare breed 😉

Microphones are pretty cool things, that is if you hold them the correct way. A microphone will amplify your voice…so there is no need to shout into it. However, at the same time you actually have to speak into it for the sound to amplify. I know I’m stating the obvious here, but so many people forget these simple tips!

Your best bet…speak loudly {again not shouting} and hold the microphone down a bit from your mouth. Practice makes perfect, so if you can check out the microphone before your speech do it.

Mic check one, mic check two please!

Tips for Writing & Presentating A Really Good Maid of Honor Speech |

4. It’s Ok to Pause

This year in particular I’ve started to master the art of a “pause”. People don’t like dead silence and will often try to fill the void with something…anything. But, if you are ok with mere seconds of silence you will exude confidence. And since we’re talking about giving a speech…a pause also gives you a chance to scan your notes ~ like a pro!

If you need to plan those pauses ahead of time write them on your speech notes. When you do this you are in complete control…and you give everyone in the audience a chance to laugh at your good jokes about the groom 😉

Tips for Writing & Presentating A Really Good Maid of Honor Speech |

{The groom included!}

5. A Few Last Tips…And a Big Finish!

Tips for Writing & Presentating A Really Good Maid of Honor Speech |

  • Be sure to smile and have fun with your speech! Since you are the MOH you obviously love the bride…and now you get to take a few minutes and share with everyone why you do!
  • Keep it short…another key benefit of writing out your entire speech and rehearsing it is that you will know how long it is. Shoot for between 3-5 minutes tops {allowing for those pauses too!} Trust me…you will start to lose interest if your speech lasts more than 5 minutes.
  • Have a drink! I’m not advising you to get wasted by any means {if you must save that for after the speech!} but a few sips of champs doesn’t hurt if you need it. And it will help ease any nerves you have.
  • If you can somehow throw music into your speech at the end for a big finish…do it!! {“This is IU…U…U” for all my fellow Hoosier fans!}

Tips for Writing & Presentating A Really Good Maid of Honor Speech |

I guarantee you the bride will LOVE it!

When it’s all said and done, and your killer speech is over you can join me in the Maid of Honor Hall of Fame Speech Giving section 😉

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