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Organizing Your Agenda with Color

Growing up my childhood dream job was to be a teacher. Mainly because I wanted to decorate a classroom, grade papers and use really cool markers and other school supplies. Even though I didn’t exactly go the teacher route, as an adult I still really like using cool markers, pens and going into office supply stores! {Such a dork I know.}

And with the start of each new year I get pretty excited to use my new agenda too! Even though I primarily use an Outlook Calendar there are still lots of things I like to jot down in an actual agenda.

Agendas have come a long way over the past ten years. Now you can purchase them in decorative sets {some even have their own stickers!} and in a wide variety of styles and colors. My personal preference though…Kate Spade agendas. Not only are they super pretty and completely functional, but I love the cute monthly to-do lists.They aren’t overly colorful which is perfect because I like to organize my agenda with color.

Enter fun colorful fine point pens!

Years ago a mentor of mine showed me how she color-coded {and completely organized her life} in her agenda. I loved the idea and have been doing it ever since. In the past I’ve used highlighters, but this year I’m using these pretty fine point pens! Basically, you pick a color and that color signifies one area of your life.

For instance here are some of my color categories:

Dark Green {the color of money} = Work Related

Blue = Personal/Health Appointments

Purple {my fave color} = Fun Things

Get the idea?

When I glance down at my color-coded agenda I can easily see all of the fun {or sometimes not so fun} things scheduled. And let’s be honest…it’s just so much prettier to see all of the colors vs. boring black ink!

So with the start of 2017 it only seems fitting to organize all areas of your life including your agenda, don’t you think!? Just remember to organize it with lots of fun colors…you don’t even have to be a teacher to do so 😉


2017 Kate Spade Agenda

Vera Bradley Fine Point Pens




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