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Bathroom Remodel Project: Reveal

Good Morning!

After weeks {literally 6 weeks} of spending numerous hours helping my sister remodel her bathroom I’m thrilled to announce…we are done!

Can I just say that again…WE ARE DONE!!!

You have no idea how good that feels to say 🙂

In case this is your first time stopping by I have been participating in the One Room Challenge series where bloggers and designers make-over a room, and update their progress each week for 6 weeks.  You can check out our bathroom remodeling journey here: Week 1, Week 2, Week 3, Week 4 & Week 5.

So without further ado it’s finally time to check out this “new” bathroom!!

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Bathroom Reveal

Bathroom Reveal

Bathroom Reveal

Bathroom Reveal

Bathroom Reveal

Bathroom Reveal

Bathroom Reveal

Bathroom Reveal

Bathroom Reveal

Bathroom Reveal

Bathroom Reveal

Bathroom Reveal

I think we stayed pretty true to our spa-inspired bathroom vision…don’t you?

Bathroom Remodel Inspiration

And the whole look of the bathroom has changed so much…

But definitely for the better 🙂

Bathroom B&A

Even though we experienced our fair share of struggles with this challenge I really had a great time participating.

But…I am glad we are done and have a pretty bathroom to show from it!

Now…I’d like to thank a few important people:

First I’d like to extend a big thank you to Linda from Calling it Home for organizing the challenge. I had so much fun interacting with all of the bloggers and designers that participated each week. I made some really cool new friends, and am excited to continue to follow along with their blogs and latest projects. Speaking of which…if you haven’t seen their final reveals yet you have to check them out here.

To my fearless crew {aka Mom & Dad} – thank you for teaching us how to do things we’ve never attempted before like hanging wallpaper, and installing a faucet. I’m pretty confident this bathroom would still be painted chartreuse if it wasn’t for your guidance. {Side note: for those of you wondering about my dad’s concussion he’s doing much better…and was able to help install the faucets…yay!!!}

And last but not least…my sissy, Kelli! Thanks for letting me share your bathroom remodel with the world. I hope you enjoy your “new” space.

And I hope you all have enjoyed this challenge as much I did!

Have a great day!

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  • Katie Stahl

    Gorgeous, Erin!! Seriously, you did an amazing job in here! A million times better than the before! I can’t tell you how much I live that wallpaper!! And those extra long, spa-like shower curtains totally make the room! I bet your sister takes an extra long time getting ready in the morning now, huh?!? Great job on this!!! Now … What’s next?!?

    • Thanks, Katie! Haha yeah I know I tend to hang out in her bathroom more now too…it’s fun just to stare at everything again 🙂 Now…it’s Christmas decorating time!!

      • Kathy

        Luv the wallpaper!!! Please give me the specifics. . . Store you purchased it from, name of wallpaper itself and cost. Thanks.

        • Thank you, Kathy! The wallpaper is from Sherwin Williams. The book it came out of is called “Risky Business” (Pattern: RB4258). It was $64.99 for a double roll 🙂

  • Wow~ An absolutely stunning space! I love the wallpaper . As a fellow 6 week participant the six weeks was indeed a challenge and you rose up. Well done!

    • Thank you, Laura! It was certainly a big challenge at times. We are so happy with the results though 🙂

  • Wow Erin, what a wonderful update! I love the rich wall color and the paper is beautiful! So serene!

    • Thanks, Pam! The paint color really changed the whole vibe of the bathroom. Glad you like it 🙂

  • The space turned out beautiful! Awesome job and love that you got to work with family on it! Congrats and cheers to finishing the One Room Challenge! : )

  • Marty@A Stroll Thru Life

    Wow, so beautiful and I love, love, love the wallpaper.

    • Thanks, Marty! I think the wallpaper adds so much. Glad we found it 🙂

  • Looks beautiful! Congrats on being finished!

  • It looks great! Way to go, Erin! LOVE that wallpaper! 🙂

    • Thanks, Carrie! Glad we decided to go with the wallpaper…we like it too 🙂

  • The wallpaper is sooo pretty. I’d say you delivered a major spa factor – great transformation. Major kudos to the all-family-hands on deck approach. Your sis must be over the moon with the results.

    • Thank you! I think she likes it 🙂 It’s always nice when you can bring a vision to life.

  • It looks great – very spa-like! And of course the wallpaper is amazing!

  • Erin, what a transformation! I absolutely love the wallpaper! It’s been such a pleasure following you during ORC this round and becoming insta friends! BRAVO!

    • Thanks, Sarah! That is so sweet of you! I’ve enjoyed following you too and am excited to have made a new blogging buddy 🙂

  • I think you definitely achieved the serene, spa like space you were going for. The wallpaper and the paint color are so soothing and just beautiful…and to think you did that all yourself! Amazing! Bravo. xo

  • What a great looking room. Good job.

  • You did a great job! It looks like a relaxing spa now…..very pretty!

  • WOW Erin what a transformation. It looks so elegant!! I love the colors you choose. It really looks like a completely different bathroom, great job!

    • Thanks, Courtney! I know isn’t it amazing how much different it really looks…paint and wallpaper can sure work wonders 🙂

  • It’s like glam and relaxing all at once! The wallpaper is an amazing feature, and I think I’ve told you this a million times, but I STILL love the ceiling height shower curtains. Oh, and the purple is perfect!

    • Thanks, Melissa! That’s ok…it’s still nice to hear that you like the shower curtains 🙂

  • janis

    that is such a dramatic change and everything goes together so nicely. really like the color and wallpaper design, and the curtains add to the finish which i have a question about….are they only for show and do you still have the clear shower curtains behind them?

    • Thanks, Janis! There is a clear shower curtain behind the others to pull when showering. The white ones are just for décor purposes 🙂

      • jen

        My question is if you have really long decorative curtains and use the pole for that then where is the pole for the liner and liners are short so how would it fit in the tub up that high???? thanks

        • We actually have a two-in-one pole, one for the curtains and one for the liner. You can’t really tell there are two poles unless you get super close to it. They also sell long liners and that is what we used for this shower. Hope that helps 🙂

  • Pretty, pretty, pretty! It looks lovely and yay for mom and dad. Great job.

    • Thanks, Linda! I had a great time participating in the challenge. Thanks again for hosting it 🙂

  • Love the wall colour and wallpaper and the family effort. Your sister must be very happy! And sorry to hear about your Dad but glad he’s OK.

    • Thanks, Vanessa! Glad you like it. Thanks for your kind words about my Dad too 🙂

  • the color turned out so perfect! it just looks amazing, perfect accessories…perfect accents. great job. hope to see you back at the spring ORC!

    • Thank you! I’ll start brainstorming about the Spring challenge now 🙂

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  • First, sorry I’m just now getting over here! I hit publish on my room and ran out the door on vacation. Secondly…yay Erin!!! I love this bathroom (and so glad to hear your dad is doing better). Love the double long shower curtain and that gorgeous wallpaper make the room! I also love your accessories and styling…that stool is to die for. Well done!!!

    • No worries! Thanks for all of the sweet comments, Kate 🙂

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  • Shelly

    So beautiful, what kind of fabric did you use to make the shower curtains?


      The fabric is a polyester/stain blend Shelly. Hope that helps 🙂

  • Did you have the shower curtains made or are they available somewhere. Also you stated in another post that someone makes extra long clear liners, if so who.
    You did a wonderful job. I think the long curtains make a dramatic effect.