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Spring Fashion Basics

Spring Fashion Basics

It’s officially spring…bring on the warmer temperatures and cute clothes! Spring is my second favorite season to shop for each year. The lighter colors are so refreshing after wearing lots of darks all winter long. But if you live in a place like Indiana you still need to dress for the weather…hello layers! With this thought in mind here are a few new pieces that will continue to be staples in my spring wardrobe this year {at least until it really heats up}.


My Spring Clothing Favorites

Mother Nature sure has a mind of her own here in Indiana. One day it feels like Summer, and the next day the high is 45 degrees. Brrr! Lucky for me that means it isn’t time to break out the Summer clothes just yet. There are still plenty of days to enjoy my Spring wardrobe!

While browsing online I found lots of cute Spring Favorites of mine. Spring means it is time to incorporate some floral back into your wardrobe. You need some pastel colors, fun statement jewelry, a cool pair of shades, a cute jacket and a nice springy pair of pants for when it’s just too cold to wear a skirt. (more…)