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Erin Go Bragh St. Patrick’s Day Party

Do you know the meaning behind the phrase Erin Go Bragh? It means “Ireland until the end of time”. Has a nice ring to it, don’t you think? When planning my St. Patrick’s Day party this year I wanted to¬†incorporate Erin Go Bragh into my theme, and really celebrate Ireland {the fact that my name is Erin might have had a little something to do with it too!}. ūüėČ


Fancy 30th Birthday Slumber Party with Shindigz

Fancy Slumber Party | The Blue Eyed Dove

One of my favorite movies {and tv shows} is Sex and the City. I could watch it every single night and never get tired of it. On New Year’s Eve Carrie spends the biggest party night of the year by staying in {that is until she leaves her apartment to visit Miranda} wearing pajamas…with jewelry because she is of course Carrie Bradshaw! ¬†My friends and I really liked this idea of “fancy pajamas” {who wouldn’t!?} and have since created a few killer parties around it. Latest addition…Fancy 30th Birthday Slumber Party!


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