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Four Year Blogiversary!

Blogiversary |

I can’t believe I have been blogging for four years today. Four years! Where does the time go?! Each year during my blogiversary I reserve this day to thank all of those that help make The Blue Eyed Dove possible. There’s no way I could do this blogging thing on my own.  Today’s post is dedicated to all of you!

Blogiversary | The Blue Eyed Dove

First, I’ll start with my family. Mom, your blogging role has changed a little this year, and you are mainly my proofreader instead of photographer – which I know you aren’t too disappointed about! You are my number one helper when it comes creativity, and often my personal shopper. Thanks for always being more than flexible with me, and not taking it to heart when I tell you I don’t like something {you know better than anyone that I’m picky!}. You are one of a kind, and I don’t thank you as often as I should.

Dad, I couldn’t ask for a better business coach! Thank you for teaching me so much about the world of business, and what I should and shouldn’t be doing. I know I don’t always agree with everything you say, but I think I’ll start listening more because you are usually right! Also, thank you for not complaining too much about me using your garage and workout room as my storage unit, and helping me carry or transport some of my blog necessities. You’re the best!

Kelli {Sissy!}, you are the most stylish person I know! Thank you for serving as my inspiration, consultant and occasional photographer. Words can’t express how thankful I am to call you my sister!

Ryan {my accountability partner}, thank you for the long goal-oriented and business chats, letting me over analyze everything {sometimes even multiple times}, reminding me that the world won’t stop if I step outside of my comfort zone, and embarrassing me a little bit from time to time too. Most of all thanks for just being your fun self!

Haley {one of my stylists}, I so enjoy working with you. You usually know what I need or want even before I realize it myself! That’s talent, and you are great at it. Thank you for all of your help this year!

To my friends, family and the followers I know personally, thank you for taking the time to comment, like or ask about my blog. Blogging is strange. I know you may not understand it or why I do it {sometimes I don’t either!}, but your love and support means more to me than you’ll ever know!

To the followers I don’t personally know, THANK YOU!!! Maybe you saw something you liked on Pinterest and it led you here. Whether you stopped by once, or come back from time to time I appreciate you taking the time to read about what I have to say and hope you find it useful. At the end of the day I blog because of you, and if I can help enhance your life somehow I’ve achieved my blogging purpose.

This year I feel like I finally made some new blogging friends, and I couldn’t be more thankful for their support! They tell you early on in the blogging world you need to form a tribe, and take it from me new bloggers – you REALLY need to do that. Plus, it makes everything so much more fun!

Last but certainly not least, the most important person who truly shaped my third year as a blogger – Kaylee {my blogging BFF from the fantastic blog Pleats and Pearls!}! I’m not sure where to even begin. I remember the first day we took pictures together, and you probably thought “why is this girl so awkward in front of the camera”! Even though I’m still pretty awkward in front of the camera, you have helped me step outside of my shell more than you will ever know. I’m not really sure where my blog would be today if it wasn’t for you. You inspire me, and have helped make all of this blog work more fun than I ever could have imagined. From the bottom of my heart thank you so much!!! {As you already know my sister and mom also thank you for relieving them of their photographer responsibilities too!}

Blogiversary | The Blue Eyed Dove

For giggles if you’d like to take a look at my very first post {four years ago today!} you can see it here. Keep in mind we all have to start somewhere! 😉

Cheers to three years in the blogging books. I can’t wait to start year number four!!

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