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Creating a Breakfast Nook

Creating a Breakfast Nook |

One of the most exciting parts about moving is that you get to update your home decor. As I continue to add the final touches to my new home I wanted to devote an entire post to one of my favorite areas in the apartment – my dining area. This didn’t really exist in my old place {and I wasn’t really thinking it was necessary in the new one}, but I had a little extra space to fill and needed some type of formal space to eat a meal when the couch just won’t cut it. What started as a normal dining area quickly turned into a breakfast nook and I couldn’t be more thrilled with the result. Turns out creating a breakfast nook is pretty simple with the right accessories.

Here are a few tips for creating your very own breakfast nook!

1. Define the Nook Area

Macrame Wall Decor |

Don’t have a designated “nook” area, no problem! You surely have a wall to use, and that works just as well. Place a bench in front of the wall {love this one, and this one for some color!}, and then center the dining table around it. If you have a small space like me, this table is perfect! Lastly, place a few fun chairs at the table {like these}.

2. Accessorize the Nook

Creating a Breakfast Nook | The Blue Eyed Dove

Creating a Breakfast Nook | The Blue Eyed Dove

Accessories can make or break any look, even when it comes to home decor. Breakfast nooks are meant to be cozy so add a few pillows to the bench, and drape a sheepskin rug {like this one} over it or on the backs of the dining room chairs for a glamorous look. Don’t forget the succulents, place mats, flatware, plates and napkins! Have some fun with color here and bring the nook to life!

3. Add a Great Piece of Art

Breakfast Nook Table |

Every breakfast nook needs a focal point, and these days you can’t go wrong with a colorful knotted macrame {like this one from Pier 1}. This piece completed my dining area {after trying about four different ones!}.

Shop a few of my favorite Breakfast Nook Accessories here:

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Who would have thought this small dining area had the potential of becoming the perfect breakfast nook!? Very glad I continue to surprise myself! 🙂




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