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Go Red for Women Day

Go Red for Women Day |

It’s national Go Red For Women Day, a day that serves as a way to help raise awareness for heart disease – the number one killer of women. I don’t think there is one person who can say they haven’t lost a loved one due to this disease. And the craziest thing about that statistic is heart disease is preventable. Can you imagine how much these numbers would change if more people understood the symptoms and overall ways to prevent this disease?

Go Red for Women Day |

Back in college I spent several semesters learning about heart disease and volunteering for the American Heart Association. My grandma unfortunately passed away too soon from heart complications, and I wanted to do what I could to give back and help educate people about the symptoms, and living proactively to do their part to prevent it all together. Even though this is not a health blog, I feel like today serves as a great reminder to take a step back and focus on something much larger than fashion, home decor or party planning, but living a healthy lifestyle. And if this simple post could help raise even the slightest bit of awareness it would be more than worth it.

If you are not familiar with the Go Red for Women campaign you can learn more about it here. Not 100% sure on what the symptoms of a heart attack or stroke are? Please click here, and remember women often have very different symptoms than men.

On this Go Red for Women day let’s all take a moment to review the symptoms of a heart attack or stroke, remember a loved one who has passed from this disease, make a donation to the American Heart Association, decide to make a small tweak and start living healthier or simply wear red. If we all do our part I’m convinced we will start to change the statistics on this number one killer of women.

National Wear Red Day | The Blue Eyed Dove

P.S. Oh and since this is a style blog if you like this dress you can shop it here. It is after all perfect to wear on a day like today! 😉

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