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3 Ways to Dress Festive Everyday

Dressing Festive this Holiday Season |

Each December I look forward to dressing for the holiday season, every single day. Not implying that I look like I’m going to a fancy Christmas party everyday {but I would totally be on board with that!}, but more so adding something festive to my outfit each day. So if you are on board with spreading a little extra cheer with your wardrobe this holiday season, here are three ways you can easily dress festive everyday!

Dressing Festive this Holiday Season |

1. Wear Red

I wear lots of red during the month of December {think flannels like this, or a sweater like this}. Red is always a hot color for the season, and let’s be honest, it looks good on pretty much everyone! You can pair it with anything. It’s a powerful color for a reason. Break out the red lipstick and wear it proudly this holiday season too. After all, red lipstick was made for Christmas time!

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Dressing Festive this Holiday Season | The Blue Eyed Dove

2. Wear Metallics

Metallics are always fun, and even more so during the holiday season. Plus, they are everywhere this year too. Think shoes {like these}, skirts {like this} and even shirts. Too much for you? There are lots of great metallic jewelry options {like this necklace}.

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3. Wear Sequins {Or Anything Sparkly!}

It’s probably the former pageant contestant in me, but I am head-over-heels when it comes to sequins. I can’t get enough of them! You can dress them down easily with some denim too. Stay tuned for lots of sequin fashion posts this holiday season. I like to wear them whenever I can, and you should too!

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Don’t be scared to wear these categories together too! They look great together.

How do you dress festive during the holiday season?

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