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Three Ways to Wear Camouflage

Three Ways to Wear Camouflage |

Camouflage continues to be a hot trend, and one of my personal favorites! I think it’s safe to say that you can assume this color is a neutral similar to classic colors like black, brown, gray and more recently animal prints {maybe some people still don’t consider this last one a neutral, but I definitely do!}. Camouflage can be tricky to pull off, but when done correctly it looks great. Here are three ways you can easily wear camouflage this fall. 

 1. Camouflage Scarves

Camo and Denim for Fall |

Denim and Camo for Fall | The Blue Eyed Dove

If you are a little more hesitant about adding this neutral into your fall wardrobe start with a camouflage scarf. Keep it simple with solid colors, or go bold and wear it with a fun pattern.

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2. Camouflage Jackets

Camouflage Jacket |

Camo Jacket for Fall | The Blue Eyed Dove

Everyone should have a go-to camouflage jacket. When my sister and I stopped living together {and stopped sharing closets on a daily basis} I decided I could part ways with this jacket, and trade it for a few other pieces I thought were better. Learn from my mistakes, don’t part ways with a perfectly good camo jacket {or let your sister trick you into trading your’s!}. Like a good denim jacket you can wear this with just about anything – minus a camouflage scarf of course!

3. Camouflage Pants

Camouflage Pants |

Camo Pants for Fall |

Camouflage pants are new for me this fall, and I really like them. I haven’t worn them a ton, but they look good with other neutrals like black and brown. You can dress them up with a cute pair of booties or heels, or down with tennis shoes. I plan on wearing these pants with lots of red this holiday season!

Do you consider camouflage a neutral? How are you adding it to your wardrobe this fall!? I’d love to hear some new ideas – especially for wearing camo pants!


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