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Around the World NYE Party

In the past NYE has sort of felt like a let down. You wait, and wait for the ball to drop at midnight…then that’s it. Sure you can still party the night away, but the anticipation that builds up waiting for the ball to drop fades away pretty quickly. Last year my friend’s and I had the brilliant last-minute NYE party idea…why not celebrate the official start of the new year for different countries around the world throughout the evening!? Then your NYE celebration really lasts all night as opposed to a short moment at midnight. {I’m sure were not the only ones to ever think of this idea, but I’d like to think we have a unique spin on it!}

And so we celebrated NYE Around the World style 😉

Here are some tips for creating this super fun party {and you can totally plan it at the last minute too!}…

Select the Countries to Celebrate

Depending on the time zone you live in these options will vary. We celebrated a different country on the hour every hour starting at about 4:00pm EST. {See a complete time zone list here.}

Around the World NYE Party Idea

Prepare Signature Cocktails & Food Items for Each Country

What’s a NYE party without food and drinks!? Each guest was responsible for a country, and chose a signature food and drink to share during that country’s new year celebration. {See some great menu and cocktail suggestions here!}

Celebrate Each Country’s New Year with Authentic Music & Language

This might have been my favorite part of the whole night! During each country’s new year celebration listen to some authentic music {or their national anthem}, and if they speak a different language look up how they say “Happy New Year”! And repeat it for the next hour 😉

Around the World NYE Party Idea

Make New Year’s Resolutions

Around the World NYE Party Ideas

Use a dry erase board for guests to document and share their new year goals and resolutions!

Around the World NYE Party Idea

Around the World NYE Party Idea

I promise you a NYE party has never been more fun!

Cheers to the Around the World New Year’s Eve Party!! I can’t wait to do this again this year!

Like this party idea but don’t want to put in the research? Check out this complete party plan featuring a time zone list, menu suggestions and party decor shopping links here!

How will you be celebrating NYE?

Looking for more NYE inspiration!? Check out this photo wall backdrop idea and these party decorations!

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