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7 Tips for Throwing a Bachelorette Party

Over the years I feel like I’ve gotten bachelorette party planning down to a science. I know what games work {and are fun}, what type of food to serve, the easiest and most effective ways to decorate, and most importantly I know {or have a very good idea} on how to make the bride feel special.

Today I’m breaking down the most recent bachelorette party I helped my sister plan and am sharing some of these party tips with you.

7 Bachelorette Party Tips

Tip #1: Location, Location, Location

7 Easy Bachelorette Party TipsDepending on where you {and the bride} live why not make your party a little weekend get-away? The perfect destination could be a few short hours away. Unfortunately, not everyone can afford to make the trip to an exotic destination. Do some research because you never know what hidden gem of a city might be in your backyard.

My most recent Bachelorette Party location example…

7 Bachelorette Party Tips

Saugatuck, MI. Such a quaint, yet really fun town…and only 3 hours away for us!

Tip #2: Add Some Pink Party Décor

Naut Bach Party 15

There’s just something about pink that sticks out in my mind when I think about bachelorette parties. You can’t go wrong with the color…not to mention it really looks great in pictures.

Think streamers, banners and feather boas. Also use your gifts, food and games to add to the party décor.

Tip #3: Go Light on the Food

Naut Bach Party 7

When it comes to bachelorette parties I’ve learned you really don’t need to have a ton of food. It’s nice to have a few small things and lots of drinks {of course}, but typically you’ll eat your main meals out.

Save yourself the extra trouble and calories…don’t go overboard.

Tip #4: Inexpensive Party Favors

Naut Bach Party 12

Keep your party favors on the cheap and colorful side…think a tasty {and pink} cocktail, some candy, a nail file and a key chain. All girly, cute and very affordable! Put everything in a clear bag {tied with a pretty bow}, and set around the room to add to your party décor.

Tip #5: Have a Theme

Bach Party Tips 4

Whether you go all out and pick a full blown theme {like a Nautical-Inspired Bachelorette Party -highly recommended by the way}, or simply choose to have your guests dress in the same or similar colors, and have the bride wear white. Themes are the best and really pull the party together.

Bach Party Tips 5

And if you can wear something as cute as sailor hats…do it!! You wouldn’t believe all of the people that came up to us to comment on the hats, or just say how fun our party looked in general 🙂

Duh, of course it was fun!

Tip #6: Play Fun Games

7 Bachelorette Party Tips

One of the cutest {and most colorful} games to play at the bachelorette party is the Guess Who Brought Which Pair of Panties game. Each guest brings a pair of panties that describes their personality or the bride’s. Hang each pair up on a clothes line at the party, and have the bride guess who brought each one.

It’s fun, easy and adds a lot to the party décor!

Another game that I recently became a huge fan of is a Bachelorette Party Scavenger Hunt.

Bach Party Tips 8

We found this scavenger hunt on Pinterest and created our own prints.

Bach Party Tips 9

Divide your party up into teams and have a few prizes set aside for the winners.

Bach Party Tips 10

This game is sooo much fun, and everyone gets into it! Plus…you are guaranteed to laugh a lot 🙂

Tip #7: Make the Bride Feel Special

7 Bachelorette Party Tips

Above all else go the extra mile to make sure the bride has the time of her life. Make sure she has a few special accessories to wear so everyone knows she is the star of the show.

7 Bachelorette Party Tips

And when she {and her mom} tell you they had the time of their life you know your bachelorette party was a complete success 🙂

Interested in even more tips? Click here.

Happy Bachelorette Party Planning!


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