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8 Tips for Getting the Most Out of a Bridal Show

I have to admit, one thing that excites me most about helping my sister plan her upcoming wedding is attending bridal shows. She’s all about numbers and budgets, and all I can think about it is “when do we get to look at fancy decorations and sample some cake!?”

When we attend bridal shows we get the best of both worlds. Lots of numbers and lots of samples of cake! 🙂

Bridal shows are really the perfect place to gather tons of resourceful information, that is if you do it correctly. Being the veteran bridal show attendees that we are quickly becoming I thought I’d share a few tips we have learned thus far.

Tip #1 Plan of Attack

Usually you have to fork over some cash to attend a bridal show, so you might as well make it worth your while. What do you want to accomplish? Are you looking for a photographer, DJ and photo booth? Great! Focus on seeking those vendors out. Are you going to casually browse and sample food? That’s fine too, but depending on the cost to get in the show you might consider staying home and surf Pinterest for ideas instead. Remember…weddings can be expensive and every little corner you can cut helps when it comes to your budget.

{Look at me talking about budgets…my sister would be so proud!} 

Tip #2 Your Squad

Who’s going with you to the bridal show? Your bridesmaids, mom, sister or fiancé? Definitely don’t go alone! One – it’s too much fun not to share with others, and two – you’re going to need someone to help carry all of your stuff!

Tip #3 Your Tote

Speaking of carrying all of your stuff, it helps to bring a nice tote with you {like this one, or this one}. It’s pretty and very practical. Most bridal shows will probably pass out shopper totes and plastic bags, but they can get heavy quickly.

Bridal Show Tips

Tip #4 Your Questions

If you’ve already started planning your wedding {and have an idea of your budget} your going to most likely have some questions, so write them down and bring them with you! Bridal shows are the perfect place to get some free consulting. Even if you don’t have questions prepared ahead of time bring a notebook with you, because after speaking to the vendors you’re going to get ideas and develop some questions.

Bridal Show Tips

Tip #5 Get Chatty

Depending on the size of the bridal show you’re attending you may think it’s nearly impossible to talk to every single vendor. That’s probably a fair thought, but this is when your squad can help you out {see another important reason why you need to bring good sources with you}! During a recent show we attended my sister and I completely overlooked a great vendor because we didn’t really understand what they did {poor literature on their part}. Luckily, my mom didn’t and struck up a conversation with them. If you don’t understand something a vendor is offering…ask them about it.

Bridal show Tips

Tip #6 Take Pictures

Bridal shows are full of eye candy, so get your camera out and start shooting away! Just make sure you ask if it’s ok to take pictures first. I have yet to run into a vendor that told me no, but it’s always a good idea to be polite.

Bridal Show Tips

Tip #7 Signing Up For Giveaways

Vendors giveaway a lot of stuff at bridal shows. If you want to sign-up to win something {who doesn’t like to get free stuff!?} you might consider printing off some labels that have your contact information on them and bring them with you.

Bridal Show Tips

Tip #8 Have Fun & Eat Cake

Are you really surprised to see this tip based on the first paragraph?! All in all bridal shows are fun, but can also be pretty overwhelming. Enjoy it, eat the cake {and other yummy food samples} collect lots of information, then sift through it all when you get home. Don’t feel pressured to make decisions on the spot at the show.

Bridal show Tips

Do you have any tips for attending bridal shows? I’d love to hear them!

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