A Spring Trend


I don’t know about you, but I am over winter.

O.V.E.R. I.T.

Don’t get me wrong I love the snow and change of the seasons…but eventually it comes to a point when one is sick of wearing the same sweaters and boots day-after-day. And I for one reached this point about 2 weeks ago.

Let’s start to focus on spring now, shall we!?

One spring trend I’m currently obsessing over is the slip-on sneaker, so what better time to start talking about this trend then now {even if it feels like -20 below zero here in Indiana today…brrr}!

Slip-On Sneakers Trend

1. Steve Madden Black Quilted Platform Sneakers | 2. Target Loretta Sneakers | 3. H&M Dark Blue Suede Sneakers 4. AEO Slip-On Sneaker | 5. Old Navy Patterned Slip-On | 6. AEO Slip-On Sneaker | 7. Sam Edelman Carlson Studded Slip-On | 8. Old Navy Perforated Slip-Ons | 9. H&M Embellished Slip-Ons

Whenever I am out and about I see these slip-on sneakers on sale everywhere. And they come in all sorts of prints, patterns and textures. They are the perfect casual-yet-not-too-casual-shoe to wear this spring.

I’m already getting excited thinking about the outfit possibilities! Just the lift I needed to help me get through yet another day of having some major winter blues.

What spring trends are you looking forward to this year?


  • Renee

    I love that this trend is back! I had a bunch of these slip-ons from Van’s back in high school and even into college! My favorite were my Red/Cream checkerboards my mom bought me for all my school games! HOOSIERS!!!